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Henan Prosper USA.Inc.'s fine woolly sheepskins breathe, dissipate heat and moisture away to keep you feel comfortable and at body temperature indoors & outdoors.

In cold weather, even at -30F, the soft wool fibres act as natural insulation, keeping  warm and comfortable.

In warm weather, even at 80F, the supple fibres act as a natural air conditioner, keeping cool and comfortable.

a) Heat preservation: The air in sheepskin wool fibre provides natural insulation which retains heat.

b) Absorbs moisture and disperses humidity: The typical character of sheepskin wool allows it to resist water even if it absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in moisture.

c) Elasticity of wool: The protein molecules that make up the fibres have extendable & flexible character. This keeps the wool consistent at all time.

d) Easily maintained

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