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Products Introduction

After quickly become the world's largest supplier to the footwear industry with the highest quality twinface shearling material in the market, Henan Prosper diversified its range to include many consumer-ready products. All the products we supply are well known for its consistent quality, distinguish, colorful designs and environmental friendly. Today, our product portfolio consists of the following:

  • Double Face for Footwear;
  • Double Face for Garment;
  • Home Interior include Rugs, Pillows, Cushions and Children Care related;
  • Automotive related i.e Chamois, Car Seat Covers,Wash Mitt, Steering Wheel Covers, etc; 
  • Industrial Products; i.e Paint Roller, Wool Dusters,Floor Care etc;
Whilst the above outlines most product categories that we are involved in, other areas are under development.
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